Tune Up Package

Elizabeth Ault

Why tune up? All of our vehicles need regular maintenance, right? Why not us! This Tune Up process takes you through the in-breath and out-breath of personal transformations. It supports us in aligning inside and out, along with fitting the puzzle pieces of who we are together for our personal enrichment and evolution.

We are all a microcosm of our macrocosm; the solar system and beyond. This Tune Up process includes help unraveling the story your Astrology, birth map; your horoscope and empowering your strengths. This assists in understanding ourselves much better from cosmic perspectives. An ages old wise metaphor states: “As above so below” Hermes Trismagistus.

Another spin is as within so without. In Belief Shifting, we examine beliefs come from within and past programming. These guide consciously or not how our behaviors get directed outwardly. So, establishing a supportive paradigm of beliefs is an awesome place to launch new directions in our lives. Life Coaching supports this process with posing challenges and holding accountability. It supports growth, enrichment and enhances willingness to explore new possibilities.

Past Life research identifies recurring lessons we continue working with over lifetimes and perhaps, confirmation of soul group members. Going through your own death in previous incarnations diffuses fears of death. Meeting with your Spirit Guide at the threshold establishes this important inner guidance connection.

Between life work goes even further. You have an opportunity to meet with your Council; a group of wise beings who have only your best interest at heart. They support your growth as an eternal soul across eternity. Lastly the Non-Force Structural Alignment anchors you in a more aligned physical body and the Chakra Balancing polishes your subtle bodies. It balances and refines the tone of your energy fields for enhancing your journey of personal awakening. Please join me on this adventure!

Astrology Life Reading

In the Astrology Reading, with transits and solar arcs for 1 year out, we get a deep look at your innate strengths and weaknesses, relationship and family issues, vocational profiling and more. Or a simpler 1 hour look at your Birth Horoscope.
~ 2 hour session

Belief Shifting Process

Using Psychological Kinesiology (PK), 13 pairs of statements, both positive and negative, allow you to release embedded command beliefs that no longer serve you with brain mechanics. From this new platform of empowering beliefs we co-create a new life model in Life Coaching.
~ 1.5 hour session

Life Coaching

Address current and long term issues and forward your progress. You redream or reinvent yourself as you desire. This involves a minimum of 12 consecutive 45 minute sessions that meet once a week.

Past Life Soul Regression Hypnotherapy
Between Life Soul Regression Hypnotherapy

This is an eye opening journey into who your soul has out-pictured as over historical time. Patterns often emerge that can be tracked and identified as patterns in your current life that you may want to release or empower. Fears of death get diffused as you go through your own death and meet with your always compassionate Spirit Guide for this life and beyond. You may recognize Soul Group members here.
~ 2 hour session

We begin by visiting another past life. This process offers a unique opportunity to go beyond the Gateway to Spirit accompanied by your Spirit Guide. We all have a council of wise beings who help us evaluate and guide our progress with the lessons our lives have provided. We have the chance to ask 5-8 questions of our council.
~ 4 hour session

Non Force Structural Body Alignment
Chakra Balancing

In 1979, Elizabeth developed a powerful “light touch” healing modality which aligns the body at major structural points. This noninvasive technique is effective for dropping your center of gravity in the body to its’ natural place of power, if the body permits this. Bones and muscles glide around and shift under her touch. Also Chakra Balancing by dowsing.

Chakras are energy centers found in the etheric body that hold a generally agreed upon locations within the physical body. Their location in the physical body ties them specifically to certain organs and glands. Balancing one’s chakras is an important process in the realignment of the physical body with the emotional and spiritual bodies.
~ 1 hour for both

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