Elizabeth Ault

Elizabeth, you are like a funnel from the Universe to the Earth.

~ Ariane Cherbulez,CPCC, PCC Business Coach and Trainer

  • Elizabeth's insight and challenges lead me to a place of higher perception and deeper understanding of who I am and who I can be. Her guidance helps me find the keys to my inner and outer worlds. I am truly amazed at the amount of knowledge and awareness I access on my own after a coaching session. Each time I feel as if I have created a new pair of glasses to see the world through. With my new sight, I am able to move at warp speed from places that were keeping me stuck."

    Deryn Semmes
  • I wanted to thank you again for the help you gave as my life coach. I came to you in a crisis and you were able to relieve my anxiety and lighten my spirit immediately. The strategies you taught me helped me find a balance in life. You helped me to change my perspectives, to determine what I wanted from a situation, and to call into action my own character strengths. I'm grateful for the encouragement you gave me to seek my inner self, to trust in who I believe I am, and to stand with "the reservoir of love" behind me in the face of frustrations and negativity. I found our visits very uplifting and empowering. I try to remind myself -- "I am a divine being" -- everyday. That phrase keeps me on the right path.

    Chris Wayne
  • I have been practicing Astrology for more than 35 years, so it's a deep compliment when I say I'm very impressed with Elizabeth's depth of knowledge, intuition and insight in reading my chart. She told me some things I had never heard before! Not only did she have an original way of describing my aspects and transits, but she also blended in wise advice in how to deal with the challenges they presented. I left the session feeling inspired and renewed, and I highly recommend Elizabeth as an astrologer and counselor.

    Beth Kuper
  • Being coached by Elizabeth is an honor. She listens and challenges, encourages and questions, and always pushes you onward along new paths. Elizabeth honors the fact that time is precious. Her style of coaching is personal, focused, intense and potent, and with short, intensely focused, coaching sessions. Pretty soon, you have reinvented your self, your life, and reignited your soul. "Unlike most consultants brought in to help executives become more effective in their jobs, she helps bring discovery of new paths and ways to be a total person. Elizabeth presents a unique set of tools -- from the world of astrology to the well known 360 Leadership Evaluation technique, as options to aid in discovery of your new self. Working with Elizabeth is a gift you deserve."

    Carol Volles Investment Firm Partner * Businesswoman of the Year Award 1992 by the Chambers of Commerce in upstate New York
  • During this time of great transition in every phase of my life, I have been blessed with the help and guidance I needed. The opportunity to do coaching work with Elizabeth appeared, just as I was asking for additional help to move forward. Her peaceful, warm, calm and supportive presence does not prevent her from asking deep questions or proposing a good challenge. I have in her a trusted partner who sincerely supports me to live as my full and complete Self. She's not afraid to tell the truth, to take chances. "Elizabeth possesses such a full range of gifts, from her intuitive, astrological and soul retrieval abilities to exceptional coaching skills. I have been especially impressed by, and appreciative of, her energetic creativity, gentle wisdom, and bright intelligence when approaching challenges. Elizabeth possesses amazing "hawk" vision, with the ability to focus precisely and with respect on the important issues, while finding just the right way to "forward the action". "The structure and rhythm of meeting, identifying obstacles, defining goals and dreams, setting tasks and being accountable have worked very well for me. Our sessions together have been enjoyable, challenging, powerful and productive. I will be forever and profoundly grateful for Elizabeth's help as my coach. I highly recommend her.

    Cathy Powers
  • Elizabeth you capture the aliveness of the cosmos. + the unseen. This is what your work is about.

    Elizabeth Powers
  • Elizabeth has an amazing understanding of astrology. She has given me insights and predictions about my life that inevitably have come to pass. She is wise, insightful, generous with her knowledge, kind and supportive. The combination of astrologer and certified life coach make her a powerful guide and helper. I heartily recommend her in both capacities.

    Bobbie Wilson Belief Shifting Facilitator, Life and Business Coach
  • When I was first guided to go to Elizabeth for Psych K work, I was not doing well emotionally. Between Elizabeth's patience and guidance, and the soothing beauty of her house, I came out of the session with a clarity, strength, and focus that I had not felt for a while. Amazingly, the positive effects of the session kept unfolding for two weeks afterward. When I returned, I was able to absorb the benefits of the next session much more quickly. I really appreciate Elizabeth's ability to integrate all her healing modalities to help me clear away my "dead wood" that was holding me back.

    Caroline G. Professional Organizer
  • Thanks Elizabeth. I really appreciate the time you so generously spent guiding me through the regression. And it was a real treat to walk the spiral beforehand. Elizabeth has created a lovely, safe and soothing environment for her past life regression sessions. She guided me patiently through some unexpected, yet insightful experiences during my regression. I was able to relax and “go deep”, knowing I was in expert hands. I am grateful for this experience and will continue to reflect on the new understandings we discovered together.

    Maryann Brown
  • Your powerful gift of bringing the heavens celestial, and the rock foundations of the earth together, forges a discovery of our wholeness and connectedness to the world, bringing harmony and content within. Thank you Elizabeth!

    Lovedy Barbatelli Interior Designer and Jeweler
  • I've always seen myself as a person who can manage my life pretty well, handle a lot of responsibility, and is capable of "keeping it together". But there was a feeling within me that grew stronger over time, a feeling that is difficult to name, a sense that it was time to follow a larger path, time to create a more expansive picture, for the rest of my life. That's what brought me to Elizabeth. "Having Elizabeth as my personal coach is like no other relationship I have had. Her combination of intuitive wisdom, skilled guidance, and empathic connection nurtured in me the ability to see numerous new perspectives and take action. Simply put, she raised my awareness of myself and my connection to the world. Working with Elizabeth did not feel like therapy. It felt like magic. The best part is, you learn to be your own magician. It is life transforming. "If you choose to work with Elizabeth, you will have a great adventure. Bon Voyage!

    Joan Treece Boulder, Colorado
  • What a gift today's session was. It was counseling in its highest expression. You truly have no idea what your words have done for me. It is as if you have swept away all of the confusion, turmoil, and anxiety from my life and replaced it with a sense of peace, centeredness, and purpose. I have seen many counselors and psychic but I have never had a reading with such profound, penetrating insight. You have not only showed me the duality within myself, but have shown me my true potential and that it is possible to realize. I finally feel that I am exactly where I need to be and feel gratitude for everything that I've been through in my entire life. Today's session has finally given me the courage to trust myself, my dreams, and my abilities. I have known that my dreams and visions are meaningful, but until today, I have on some level always questioned what I was experiencing. But, to have another person, completely outside of my situation retell the vision that I had when I awoke from my coma is absolute confirmation that I am not crazy and that these events did in fact happen. You have no idea what this means to me. It is priceless, and I will always trust these visions and dreams from now on. But, you see the effect of your reading not only has to do with that particular experience, but has given me the confidence and courage to pursue my heart's deepest desires. I have already told my closest friends and family about today and recommended you to all of them. You are a catalyst for change and this session has changed my life. Now, I can write with complete conviction and free of doubt about what I have experienced. I know we have only had 2 sessions to date, but I feel that you are a role model and a mentor to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be guided by Elizabeth, I have been working on the same issues my entire life.  My Past Life Soul Regression session with her finally revealed to me that I was dealing with an issue from another lifetime with my adult children in this lifetime. I had lost them in a previous lifetime and was trying to make amends in this life. With Elizabeth's advice I have been able to discern how to help my children and not enable them. I feel very blessed by this epiphany and Elizabeth's guidance.

    Regina Madsen
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my Core Belief Change session with Elizabeth! I took the Psych-K level one course several years ago and had a lot of success with this simple way of changing limiting beliefs. If I had known I could just go to Elizabeth, that would have been preferable! I have been working on changing limiting beliefs for more than 20 years, however discovering what those limiting beliefs are has always been the challenge for me. Since I believe that your beliefs are what create your life experiences, I was on a never ending quest to uncover what I really believed. Psych-K has a system for discovering what we truly believe! Our bodies tell the truth even though our mind can trick us. I was often very surprised to find that something I thought I believed was not what my body said I really believed. Once the discovery came to light, I could identify it and see how it was playing out in my life. I began using Psych-K to change my beliefs and my life began changing in the way I wanted - finally! Thank you Elizabeth for offering your beautiful home and sacred land for my Core Belief Change experience! Again, I was surprised to discover some of the core beliefs that needed changing! Also, thank you for inviting me to walk the powerful labyrinth you have created on your land! What a beautiful setting and a truly healing experience I had that day!

    Kat Stephenson
  • Thank you so much for the life coaching. That was truly phenomenal! You helped provide me with a lot of insight into some of my unconscious patterns and core beliefs. You are very talented at what you do. You are honest, intuitive, and empathetic. All of these qualities combined made me feel very open and safe. Thanks again for all your help!

    Christine Crawley
  • I recently experienced a past life regression with Elizabeth Ault and am impressed with her personal awareness and reassuring process. As a scientist by training, it took much time to get me out of my head, yet Elizabeth had infinite patience in a process that I believe has forever opened a wider door to my own knowing.

    Paul Sperry
  • Elizabeth is an intuitive healer who has an abundance of insight and information. She is gentle, compassionate and helped me go deeper into my "past life". I gained a lot of insight and clarity from our session together. Looking forward to doing more work with her in the future. I am happy to support you in this work! I feel like it is an important healing technique! So happy and grateful to have experienced a full session with you. Sincerely..and again, that you so much for the session!


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