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My  Gift Code is my name: ElizabethAult

I will coach you through a 10 day Transformational Cleanse using Wholesome Super Foods at no additional charge. I am excited about these clean super foods that are organic non gmo conscious company products. David Sandoval is the founder and author of The Green Foods Bible. The 10 Day transformation offers so much help in only 10 days. It alkalizes the body, resets the metabolism, anabolically supports new muscle growth with high potency amino protein, which burns excess fat where toxins are often stored. This cleanse stimulates elimination of toxic materials from your whole body and can boost your energy by day 10. Because there is some kind of body support every 2 hours your blood sugar has a chance to stabilize, which naturally reduces cravings and need for addictions. I kicked my morning latté habit, dropped 15 pounds in my first 5 weeks; lowered my cholesterol by over a 100 points  stabilized my blood sugar according to a recent blood test. I am starting my  third round April 12, 2016  Please reply or call 303 440 6633 with questions.

To enroll go to mypuriumgift.com  and use my code which is ElizabethAult to receive  $50. Off your first order if you enroll. Enrolling insures you get 30% off on all orders and never pay more than $9.99 on shipping. I recommend the 10 Day Transformation Package and follow up order of Core 3.  A minimal Auto ship ensures enrollment perks. 60 day money back guarantees all products. No penalty for dropping out.

These products support your radiant health!

Commision or inquire about one of beautiful pieces for sale.

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