Psych-K & Core Belief Shifting

Elizabeth Ault

Psych K* is short for psychological kinesiology, which involves muscle testing and accessing the brain to powerfully shift core subconscious and conscious beliefs, as well as identifying the intentions you want to release or empower.This practice give your subconscious a voice.

Elzabeth Ault - Psych-K & Core Belief Shifting Services

Using whole-brain and sensory technology I facilitate releasing sabotaging subconscious programs and teach you how to imprint positive beliefs into your subconscious.

This provides a huge leap forward in easily assimilating new supportive beliefs and behaviors. Most of your subconscious programming was in place by the time you were seven or eight years old and it controls 95% of your habitual thoughts. Use PK to jump start the whole process of transformation by establishing a new paradigm of supportive beliefs replacing sabotaging ones. In a nutshell, this process works with key core statements like I love myself, I can do it, I expect the best and their opposites.

This training provides more tools to help assist in permanently shifting limiting beliefs. This shift works with an internal and external integration of new beliefs.. This technique includes whole brain  practices that prompt conscious alignment and supports you launching a more fulfilled life.

You can experience dynamic shifts and lock them into your new whole brained awareness. Some examples include:

  • The possibility of moving into experiencing the universe as a friendly place. Albert Einstein said this is the most important decision a person can make in their lives.
  • You may decide to call on the laws of nature to support you, or to have a more profound experience of feeling whole, holy and free.
  • You will also experience physical clearing of issues that nest in specific parts of your body.

The bottom line is if you truly believe with intense passion that you can, you can. If you believe you can’t, you can’t. Henry Ford said it.

Take control of your life

  • Change or actually hear your inner voice
  • Hone your passion and purpose
  • Identify and change your beliefs
  • Understand and improve your relationships
  • Launch your life from a new positively charged set of beliefs that create a new paradigm for living

Elzabeth Ault - Psych-K & Core Belief Shifting Services

This process is supported by Life Coaching as you re-invent various parts of yourself.

I teach you how to do muscle testing to get your own positive and negative answers by giving your subconscious a voice. You can check things like is this water safe to drink to which job offer should I pursue.

Arrange a session and explore the possibilities.

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