Past Life & Between Life
Soul Regression Hypnotherapy

Elizabeth Ault

Past life Soul Regression Hypnotherapy (PLSR) and Between Life Soul Regression Hypnotherapy (BLSR) are excellent venues for the eternal aspects of our Soul to have a voice.

In Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) sessions we look into a previous incarnation and get very detailed information about the patterns of that life, possibly meet your soul group members, and get the feeling of how that lifetime left an imprint on your Soul. Perhaps there are Karmas (scars on the soul from cause and effect related behaviors) that were created or cleaned in that life. You get to experience going through your own death and because your soul has been through this experience many times, fears of death can be diffused. The warm and welcoming; always compassionate, spirit guide will greet you as you depart your physical body. You usually get a name and have a conversation with this benevolent being that has been with your soul through eons of time and places.

Past life Soul Regression Hypnotherapy

Between Life Soul Regressions (BLSR) includes a Past life up to this point and then continues on with your journey in between incarnations. You may meet your soul group and your council members. You may converse with your council and ask questions like:

  • “Am I on track with my life purpose?”
  • “Who are my council members?”
  • “How am I progressing in this life?” or
  • “Am I an ET (extraterrestrial) Soul?”
  • “Why do specific patterns seem to keep showing up in my life?”
  • “Why did I choose this body” “
  • What’s my purpose for choosing the key people and lessons in this life?”

Arrange a session and explore the possibilities.

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