Winter Solitice Message

MOTHER EARTH takes 1 full inhale and exhale each year. Now at the Winter Solstice she has inhaled the life forces into her belly at the core of the Earth. Sap has sunk in Northern hemisphere to [...]

Scorpio the Scorpion’s Virtues and Vices

Scorpio’s task is to learn the VIRTUE of patience which becomes humility and develops insight. The scorpion dives deep to probe the world of hidden agendas; the mysteries, that may take time to [...]

A Super Full Blood Moon

A Super Full Blood Moon - September’s eclipse will be the fourth and final of the famed "bloody tetrad"of eclipses spaced six months apart that began back in 2014. This Full Moon is at its [...]

Musings for Virgo the Virgin

Virtue and Vices of Virgo - We can apply your ability to observe and listen to the phenomena of nature and spiritual realms to become like the temple priestesses.


The virtues of the highly creative Leo are humility and compassion. Its’ vices are pride and self-centeredness. Our capacity to feel the suffering of another awakens compassion and the desire to [...]


VIRTUE: MATERNAL LOVE. VICE CO-DEPENDENCE ON OTHERS. Cancer, the Crab is guided by the light of the Moon. She skitters sideways between the tidal tears of the Ocean and shifting sands on the [...]

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