Elizabeth Ault – Artist

My art is about beauty and the journey of awakening. Shamanic leanings overflow inside my work. I am interested in lifting our spirits and allowing new perspectives to shine through. I love arranging things, playing in color, finding and fitting puzzles together.

My influences are from the cycles of the natural world. In-breath, out-breath. Light vs. dark. Contrast of form, shapes, textures, colors inspires a kind of dance… Each piece is en-souled by hours of my focused attention. I go into an enchanted realm in my mountain studio I call my SHE~CAVE where all kinds of personal artistic stories unfold.

MANDALAS are a sacred tool for balancing our inner and outer directions and senses. They can be a catalyst for centering. Gazing into the single point of the center is a meditation called Tratack (a Sanskrit word for a single point gazing technique). These mandalas are also enjoyed as jewel medallions to bring joyful Fen Shui to any spot. I studied chakra painting with Hindu temple artist Harish Johari and that influence flows through me. I did Mandala painting with renowned Paul Heussenstamm as well. I have a degree in Studio Art from C.U. in Boulder Colorado 1975.

Kaleidoscope Images from Mandalas & Paintings

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