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Elizabeth Ault

Life Coaching with Elizabeth is an adventure in radical honesty, courageous authenticity, and being powerfully present, ways that forward action, accountability and deepen learning in any area of life.

Elzabeth Ault Life Coach

As a Life Coach, Elizabeth is a supportive guide for your passionate journey of self discovery, fulfillment, balance and aliveness. Who do you want to be on this journey?

Elizabeth will ask probing questions, provide challenges and hold you accountable. She sees you as creative, resourceful and whole with nothing that needs fixing. Even things which you may feel are not working can provide insights for deeper learning. Never underestimate baby steps.

Life Coaching begins with non judgmental noticing of where we are in life and what motivates our behavior. Gently, we become more conscious of the gap between who we are and who we aspire to become.

The uncomfortable uncertain zone is where profound growth, change and learning can take place. In the mystery magic can happen.

The universe hears every thought and responds to our E-motions. a challenge can be to melt the gap of disagreement between our desires and our actual beliefs.

How does Life Coaching Work?

  1. The first step in the Life Coaching Process is to have a free sample coaching session with Elizabeth. Call 303-440-6633. It is easier to have an experience of what Life Coaching is FOR YOU than to describe it because each person’s experience is unique. It’s about radical honesty, courageous authenticity and being present with who you are showing up as in the moment. It’s also about forwarding action, deepening  learning and achieving goals in your life.
  2. Next we address what values light you up and provide momentum for positive change that motivate you towards achieving your life purposes. What’s present in your body and your life right now? What do you want folks toasting  you about at your 80th birthday.
  3. We design our coaching alliance. be. We name our assumptions, expectations and make promises/commitments to each other.
  4. We set up a schedule to speak either in person or on the phone for 45 minutes once a week, four times a month. The minimum recommended time to stabilize new habits and ways of being is three months according to the International Coaching Institute.
  5. Lastly the payment plan is on a sliding scale of $500-$300 a month, paid in advance to Elizabeth Ault.

Elzabeth Ault Life Coach

Arrange a session and explore the possibilities.

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