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Elizabeth Ault

Elzabeth Ault Daily Seed

“I imagine that listening and taking actions in this way can help to antidote inherent negative influences that may show up in our natal or transit horoscopes.”

Elizabeth designed the following Daily Seed Contemplation to be used as a focus for each day of the week. For example, on Mondays the focus is our relationship to the Moon, which rules our root chakra. So we should pay attention to that chakra on Mondays. Contemplate what the Moon means to you and carry its question in your awareness that day. Listen for the answer, and then act on it. These contemplations also provide glimpses into the meaning of the core planets.

This contemplation is designed to provide access to understanding the planets as living beings and how to open your conversation with them. Each planet is the seed for a chakra in our bodies and a day of the week is named after them due to their influence on that day. Our bodies are a microcosm of the Solar System. Honoring the chakra they rule; a specific place, on the day of the week that is named after them because of the influence the planet provides at a specific time helps us to align with and hear the question they are asking of us humans. Each planet has a path of evolution they wish to awaken in us with a question and a corresponding message that comes though us..

Monday is the MOON's day

The Moon influences our ability to reflect feelings and resonates with the 1st or root chakra. It is about cultivating right belief in ourselves and fellow creatures.

The Moon asks us to appreciate our body as a physical and etheric temple and understand our duty and responsibility to care for it.

What is my body asking of me in order to feel more sacred and whole?

Tuesday is MARS' day.

Mars influences that which activates us toward initiatives or because of our resistance, breaks us down. It resonates with the 5th or throat chakra. Mars cultivates right aspiration to the wisdom that serves the greatest good for all.

Mars asks of us to carry out every resolve we make . Every lack weakens our will because we are unfaithful to our self.

How can I be faithful to my own aspirations?

Wednesday is MERCURY's DAY.

Wednesday has similarities with *we* day and *wedding* day. Mercury influences connectedness, communications and unconscious thinking, as well as karmic debts and indebtedness. It resonates with the 2d chakra, the sacral or sexual chakra. Mercury cultivates right speech, meaning conscious use of words. Mercury asks us to always experience ourselves as part of life all around us, linked with all life everywhere.

How do I experience and express my connection to all of creation?

Thursday is JUPITER's day.

Jupiter commands higher thinking and wisdom. It resonates with the third eye or 6th chakra. Jupiter cultivates right conduct, and urges us to have self control and take no part in conflict.

Jupiter asks us to have genuine gratitude for everything that has occurred in our lives.

How does the awareness of gratitude shift my perception and change my experiences?

Friday is VENUS's day.

Venus influences passions, social groupings and soul streams which unite people who love the same things. It resonates with the 3d, solar plexis chakra and cultivates right livelihood or living in a relationship of harmony with the environment.

Venus asks us to think of every thought, feeling and intention as reality, recognizing that thoughts are as powerful as deeds. She asks us to tame our runaway thoughts.

How am I holding the focus of my thoughts , feelings and intentions to recognize the power I have to manifest them?

Sunday's day belongs to the SUN.

The Sun influences our soul intention and our will to live higher love. It resonates with the heart or 4th chakra. The Sun cultivates right attitude or mindfulness. Thoughts are friendly, life is supported and is harmless.

The Sun asks us to recognize our true self as our highest self and inner self, and to have total confidence in that. You don’t have to look for confirmation from the outside world for this..

How do I recognize honor and integrate the radiance of my Divine Self in daily Life?

Everyday - Right Meditation.

Here is a contemplation for every day, it is: Right Meditation… Growth of soul requires silent, inner-reflective time with one’s self or heart-to-heart time … daily.

How do I nurture inner reflective Heart-to-Heart time with myself daily?

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