Non Force Structural Alignment
& Chakra Balancing

Elizabeth Ault


Non Force Structural Alignment is a healing modality Elizabeth developed in 1979.With a light touch the body is allowed to align at major structural points. This noninvasive technique is effective for dropping your center of gravity in the body to its’ natural place of power, if the body permits this. Bones and muscles glide around and shift under her touch.  Elizabeth got her Master Degree as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator in 1981, along with a Certified Massage Therapist Certification. She soon advanced to personal apprenticeships with spiritual healers like Robert Rasmussen in Santa Cruz Ca., Dr Jah in Kathmandu , Nepal, and studied with many others over the years. Elizabeth soon realized getting out of the way and using subtle non force energy is very powerful and can be more permanent than forced adjustments. Elizabeth had a very active practice as a hands on healer and astrologer from 1979 until 1985 when raising a family took precedence.

A chakra is a center of energy found in the etheric body that holds a generally agreed upon location within the physical body. These chakras can be considered as psychic muscles, and areas of hidden potential knowledge and understanding. Their location in the physical body ties them specifically to certain organs and glands. When a chakra becomes imbalanced or damaged it can affect the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies. The natural state of a chakra is a circular and flowing movement, and anything that alters, reduces or hinders this flow will cause the chakra to malfunction.

Elzabeth Ault Chakra Balancing

Begin by checking yourself to assure clarity. You may do this balance on yourself. For others use a different pendulum. I do this by holding the pendulum in my left hand and checking left side, center and then right side. If it swings to the clockwise or counter clockwise direction allow it to spin out until it responds with a neutral swing.

May the positive forces whatever be their name render me worthy to bring through a river of healing LIGHT, and momentum for grace filled synchronicity to support my alignment with whatever is highest and best for me and for all.  Thank you I am grateful.

Begin at the 1st  Root Chakra  Using the left or receiving hand begin by dangling the pendulum over the root or 1st Chakra at the bottom of the spine where a tail would begin. Allow it to spin off any excesses or draw out any stagnation; and or allow Healing Light energy to feed the chakra as much as is needed and wait until neutral swing occurs. If it is swinging neutral in the beginning it is already balanced. . Key words; Earth, Survival, self preservation, red.

Use this same protocol for each consecutive chakra

  • 2nd Sexual Chakra at the Hara point just below the navel. Key words; Water, Emotion, Control Creativity, Orange
  • 3rd Solar Chakra center of solar plexus. Key words: Fire, Mental, Gut Feelings, Personal Power Yellow
  • 4th Heart Chakra  Mid chest above your heart. Key words; Air, Seat of the Soul, Love, Compassion, Green/Pink
  • 5th Throat  Chakra  Base of neck. Key words Expression, Communication, Judgement, Manifest, Shades of Light Blue
  • 6th 3rd Eye Chakra forehead over the pineal gland. Key words; Intuition, Imagination, Insight, Indigo
  • 7th Crown Chakra Top of the head. Key words; Divine Inspiration and Guidance, Spiritual Access to Beyond  Violet/Purple
Elzabeth Ault Chakra Balancing

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