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Elizabeth Ault

In this 2 hour session, with transits and solar arcs for 1 year out, we get a deep look at your innate strengths and weaknesses, relationship and family issues, vocational profiling and more.

Life is a journey! I can help read your map!

Elizabeth has researched a wide range of astrological systems and uses the gems that she discovered as lenses to focus on the gifts and challenges that show up in your horoscope or birth map. With over 40 years of studying astrology, meditation and spiritual questing, she brings the richness of life’s experiences, compassion, and applies distilled knowledge; fine-tuned intuition and wisdom to bring insight on your life path.

Elizabeth Ault Astrology Readings
Elizabeth Ault Astrology Readings

“Elizabeth, you capture the aliveness of the cosmos, + the unseen. This is what your work is about.”
Elizabeth Powers

Elizabeth will assist you in identifying and articulating important details of your unique story based on your astrological map presented at the moment of your arrival on planet Earth. Your astrological horoscope provides a concise map that records the patterns of where the planets and constellations were at the exact moment of your arrival, from the reference point of your birth location.

Amazingly enough, these celestial patterns reflect forceful personal patterns in your life development and behaviors. The more conscious we become, the more we activate our free will instead of following the influences of destiny. New choices arise as we look deeper into this dance of destiny and free will.

Relationship dynamics, vocational strengths, personal temperament, emotional predispositions, unique intimate details and so much more are clearly pinpointed. Your horoscope reveals your strengths and challenges in each area of your life, such as home, career, relationships, children, and so on.

Elizabeth currently uses teachings from tropical astrology but has considered sidereal, prenatal and Hindu astrology. Transits and solar arcs reveal the interplay of how the current movement of the planets activate specific areas of your life indicated from natal horoscope or your birth chart.



Arrange a session and explore the possibilities.

Snapshot Astrology

$100.00  A real value! Only Your Natal Horoscope

This simpler reading will provide insightful perspectives and clarity on your life path. A brief yet potent, study of your birth horoscope through the eyes of an astrologer with over thirty five years of experience. I can provide you with a snapshot survey of your major life issues,trends and life lessons. You receive an e-mail copy of your natal chart. This shorter reading targets the budget conscious seeker interested in real value. There are no transit predictions, solar arcs, or other add-ons available with this reading.They can be purchased at an additional $100. an hour rate.

Lunar Personality Picture

$45.00 Your Lunar Nature Revealed

This introduces you to your lifelong lunar personality type which is based on the phase of the Moon at your birth. The house placement and sign indicators are also important information. This will indicate things like; if you are one who is like the challis receiving new impulses and inspirations or if you are the teacher disseminator, or…

Have you ever wondered why some people long for center stage while others are perfectly happy working behind the scenes? Why some people are on a path of developing an individual identity while others are completely focused on the relationships of “we” consciousness?

The mysteries of the Moon cycle or phases illuminate much about the depth of character. I will also reflect on your natal Moon sign which reveals a great deal about your emotional temperament. Additionally, I will comment briefly on where your moon has progressed to by solar arc at the time of our appointment.

Solar arcs move slowly, show big life trends and with the moon, indicate emotional development and may highlight particular circumstances and or romance in your life. This very brief lunar personality picture packs 15 minutes full of juicy information for you. You receive a copy of your birth horoscope.

Tropical Astrological Life Reading

$225.00 ASK about simplified versions at reduced rates.

This involves an in-depth multifaceted study of your natal horoscope. It runs 1.5 to 2 hours. It is not necessary to have any knowledge of astrology because my job is to translate it all for you. I delve deeply into a detailed study of your horoscope and also include many of my articles that pertain to your birth information. You receive a printed packet of approximately 20+ pages, you also receive many detailed astrological charts and a recording.

We cover together things like:

  • How the story your map from the stars can play out in your life and how your choices effect changing your “DESTINY” into “FREE WILL”
  • Personality traits, ie extrovert, introvert tendencies
  • Influences of mom and dad
  • Family dynamics and how they reflect partner choices, relationships with children etc.
  • Significant childhood markers
  • What the cosmic weather of your life looks like.Is it turbulent, gifted, excessive in areas deficient in areas. What prompts growth? etc how does it all combine?
  • Vocational profiling i.e. creative artistic, intuitive, scientific, 3

Cosmic Weather Report

from Elizabeth’s perspective

We made it through the challenges of Pluto squaring Uranus over the last several years which 8 exact Squares or challenges between the Uranian Revolutionary powers for rapid transform involving media messages,  intuition, and  inner guidance  sparring  for control with the great Power Lord of destruction and rebirth ,Pluto.  Major institutions of our globe  are failing to serve the whole and destined for death  by corruption, as we invent revolutionary new systems for a better future for all. We are in dire need of moving from I me my to we, community wholeness models for living.

We have also been inside a much greater cycle in the times of an alignment of COSMIC PROPORTIONS! *Our SUN and SOLAR SYSTEM are lining up exactly with the EYE OF ISIS at the center of our GALAXY. * This portal the center of the galaxy, is the place where all of CREATION COMES INTO BEING according to ancient Egyptian astrologers. It is also known as The GALACTIC Center, only discovered by western scientists in the 1960’s. It is fascinating to track this axis of creation in your natal Horoscope. It is the expressway for high frequency transformative energies. How is it rocking your world? It is the source that gives the Sun its power so it could be at least as significant as your Sun sign in new astrological perspectives.

The Galactic Center or Eye of Isis is the twin soul of our Sun. The Eye of Issis was recognized by ancient Egyptian Astrologers as the portal through which all of creation came forth. It holds all the potentials of zero point in physics. Some wisdom streams report this is a ~250 million year cycle according to ancient prophesies. The age of an  epoch is ~ 2,150 years, this is the minimum viewpoint for the completion of this currentcycle. Transition through all  12 constellation epochs takes 26,000 years. In each cycle a presiding constellation rules.

We are at the brink of the transition between the Age of Pisces (the Fishes), to the Age of Aquarius ( age of the Higher Self). How or where does this important axis show up in your life? Where is transformative change most immanent? Intuition lives in our interconnectedness and is an access to wisdom.

Arrange a session and explore the possibilities.

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